Are you a developer?

We have documentation for technical people who are looking to design, develop, and deploy on the Responsive platform.

Not into code?

If you are just looking to test out the content management system, or are interesting in working on a website without touching code we have information for that.


No Directory Structure

Your website project can take any structure you please. We have an example structure located to the right. This is a common organization in web, but you may manipulate this in any way possible. As long as your references work locally, they will work on the platform.


No Dependencies

Dive right in. There are no dependencies necessary to start building. In other frameworks you may have a gemfile or bundle. For any external services, just include them as scripts in your HTML (examples: Jquery, Stripe, Google Web Fonts).


Automatic CMS Integration

When you deploy to our cloud, the content management system is automatically integrated. You choose which pieces of content are accessible. This allows your client a means to quickly and easily update the content of their site.


When You are Ready to Go

All you need to do is zip the website root folder and all of its contents. Once in a .zip, you can upload the archive to our platform. The project will be added to your account, the CMS integrated, and the site will be usable publicly on a live URL in seconds.


We'll get you up and running in no time. To start, pick a template that you enjoy below.