Are you a developer?

Documentation for technical people who are looking to design, develop, and deploy on the Atomic platform.

Not into code?

Just looking to test out the content management system? Use one of these websites to get going, fast.

Build and Deploy

  • Build a website using your favorite text editor in languages you are already familiar with: HTML, CSS, and Javascript

    Your website project can take any structure you please. As long as your references work locally, they will work on the platform.

    Want to see a sample to get a better sense? Download this sample website .zip

  • Include any external libraries you prefer in the codebase.

  • Finally, zip up the root file structure (example below in the gif) and upload that zip to Atomic. We'll automate the CMS, and your live website will be ready in seconds.

Copy and Deploy

Select a template provided by HTML5UP. You may also visit their website, select any template, download & re-upload to Atomic. Selected templates found below.